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Anusha Sonte Parameshwar

Hi there 👋! I’m Anusha Sonte Parameshwar, currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. With 4 years of work experience in the Software industry, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my work. Currently working as a Developer Success Engineer at Apple, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute significantly to various projects. My professional journey started at HSBC, where I spent 2.5 years as a Software Engineer. During this time, I contributed to several complex projects, including a major rewrite of the mainframe-based modules into API-based modules. After that, I joined Salesforce as a Development Success Engineer, where I honed my problem-solving skills by resolving development issues for end-users. This role also gave me opportunities to interact with customers and understand their needs and pain points in detail. I also completed a one-year internship at ADP India, where I designed and deployed microservices, utilized Java frameworks, and optimized SQL queries. When I’m not coding, I enjoy reading books and exploring new technologies.